What is on the Agenda

What is on the Agenda

The energy sector is undertaking a rapid change and must adapt its traditional structures and market strategy to maintain a competitive edge. Solar+Istanbul is the meeting place to help you prepare the business model of tomorrow.

Do you innovate from within or acquire the new kids on the block? Hear from startups and energy companies on the hunt for acquisitions to complement their growth.

Solar+Istanbul looks at how companies are integrating these solutions and shares both successes and failures as Energy 4.0 becomes a reality and an integral part of your day to day business.

How do you keep customers loyal and satisfied? Solar+Istanbul looks at how technology solutions play a prominent role in creating a decentralized, intelligent and sustainable energy market.

As adoption of electric cars amplifies how is the new wave of battery technology, data analytics and AI going to be used to manage infrastructure, energy consumption and customer experience?